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This room is the meeting place par excellence in your home and the dining tables and 4-foot beds are the main pieces in them. So they will be the center of all eyes. In this post, we are going to explain why to choose extendable dining tables for your home. And the characteristics that these have, from their materials to their most used mechanisms.  

Traditionally, extendable dining tables and 4-foot beds are recommended for small rooms. And although this statement is not wrong. The truth is that they are suitable for all types of rooms, as there are extendable dining tables both small and large. 

The essential characteristic of extendable dining tables is, as the name suggests. That they extend and increase their size to achieve the perfect dimensions when you need it. You can gather as many diners as you want, but it will also serve you day-to-day with your family. You will be the perfect host!

Extendable dining tables according to material

Do not think that because it is an extendable table you will have fewer possibilities to choose from. Since there are extendable dining tables of all sizes, shapes and materials. One of the things that you will have to decide is the type of material to choose to complement your home. So we are going to tell you about the main advantages and characteristics of each of them: wood, glass, and porcelain.

Extendable wooden dining tables

Table extendable dining made of wood is the most common in all households. Not to mention how beautiful they are, this material stands out for its warm and homely appearance, which will give your home the cozy touch that you were looking for.

In addition, it is a fact that wooden tables do not go out of style.

Finally, the durability of this material is very high. So it will be very resistant to the passage of time, making it a good long-term investment. Surely you have seen the same furniture in your grandmother’s house all your life, preserved as if it were new. Because it was furniture made of very good materials. That is what you get with this material, and 4 footbeds for years. 

Extendable glass dining tables

For some time now, extendable glass dining tables have been gaining followers. And glass is a magnificent material when we want our dining room to be visually lighter and more spacious.

One of the advantages of choosing glass tables is that, apart from giving spaciousness to the space. They provide elegance to the room as few pieces of furniture do. They also reflect artificial and natural light, giving more light to the rooms.

Combined with other materials, they can be truly unique pieces. Such as this table that combines its glass top with metal legs. Thus combining its more elegant and sophisticated facet of glass, with an industrial style provided by the metal of the legs.

Porcelain extendable dining tables

Another option is to choose a porcelain finish, less common, but no less beautiful and practical for that. Porcelain is a hard and resistant material resistant to scratches and bumps, so you will not have to be excessive when you are using it.

It is also waterproof and very easy to clean like glass tables. Thus, you will get an elegant and sophisticated piece of wood furniture, while being responsible for the environment. 

Types of extensible

Did you know that there are also different types of extensible? The type of extendable will be marked depending on the opening of the table. Although all are comfortable and fulfill their function. It will be a subjective decision of what type of extendable you prefer in your extendable dining tables. So, we are going to explain the three main types of extensible to you:


The butterfly-type extension is usually located in the center of the table. Although it can be on the sides, it folds and rotates to fit inside the table, hiding when not in use. Internal rods hold the table extension in place, making it sturdy. It is very easy to use, fast, and although it seems heavy, with the right table the extension should not weigh. This type of extendable is one of the most common extendable dining tables

Telescopic guides

The clever design means the table and the 4-foot bed are seamless when you use them without extending them. The table legs are always in the corners of the table. One person can quickly and smoothly spread the table before the guests arrive for a big party.

Of wings

Then, to close the extenders, with a downward movement they return to their original position. This type of extendable is one of the most comfortable among the extendable dining tables. That you can find due to its ease, you do not have to force yourself to unfold it. 


These types of tables and 4-foot beds are designed for small spaces, in which it is necessary for a piece of furniture to have multiple functions. Many of them, thanks to an original mechanism. Go from being a small console that turns into a dining table when there are guests at home. It seems incredible that from such a small console. You can turn it into a dining table to gather as many guests as this console which is the perfect example

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