Even though millions of applications are created each year, less than 1% of them are considered successful. Beyond a bug defect that can be fixed is the idea of an app failure. Additionally, there are recurring problems that are most likely to make an app fail. Being aware of these issues won’t guarantee that your app won’t crash. Instead, it will help you move cautiously and look out for warning indicators that things might get bad.

Top reasons why apps fail-

Lack of market audience and research:

Are you aware that lack of a market needs results in 42% of start-ups failing?

Making the decision to create an app without first conducting market and audience research demonstrates your presumption that you are aware of what your target audience wants from an app.

Test your hypothesis by posing the question to relatives, friends, and members of your target market. Would they be interested in using the app? Are any issues resolved by it? Does the kind of app you want to create have a market?

Making an app that you desire is not the goal; the goal is to meet audience requests and provide consumers with what they want.

If this doesn’t address your problem or target a certain market, the app is redundant and pointless. Before creating your app, there must be a practical need for it.

You must be able to support the claim that your target market would adore your app, gather statistics to show that creating it won’t be entirely pointless, and test your concept with this group of people. To determine whether your app is distinctive and addresses a particular pain point, it is critical to conduct in-depth market research and look into your competitors.

The ideal method to accomplish this is to start with a minimum viable product (MVP) and add more features as you learn from user input in your target market. The app must outperform users’ expectations and demonstrate its superiority to rivals.

Lack of originality:

The fact is that there are too many comparable apps in app stores. The most popular apps of today have a compelling value proposition.

In order to define your own competitive edge, competitive research will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. You won’t attract customers by creating a product with the same features as your rivals. The first step you should think about to maximise user loyalty and overall business success is a unique value proposition (UVP).

Making a vision statement for your product is one of the best methods to increase your chances of success. A vision statement provides a clear sense of direction towards the application’s ultimate objective.

Not choosing platform wisely:

The interface guidelines on Android, iOS, and other platforms are fairly clear-cut. In spite of this, they function differently and cater to various user groups.

Your user’s preferred smartphone can provide some insightful information based only on statistical data. For instance, iOS users tend to be wealthier and more educated than Android users. Your judgments on the monetization approach for the product may be influenced by this information alone. If you plan to monetize through in-app purchases, iOS may be the most lucrative platform; but, if you plan to do so through ad placements, Android may be preferable.

Not to mention that the main goal of every mobile app is to provide users with a solution to a particular issue that they all share. You’ll have a hard time creating an app that meets the unique needs of your target user group if you don’t have a firm grasp on how user behaviour varies among operating systems.

It becomes a serious issue when apps that fail operate well across devices, networks, and operating systems. Users find it annoying, for instance, when an app works on their iPhone but not on their iPad.

What is the goal or aim of your application? It is a crucial question to ask while choosing the appropriate platform for your mobile app. The platform you choose for your mobile app will rely on the app content you plan to create and your overall business objectives. In order to choose the strategy that would work best for your organisation, you must first analyse your target market and key user demographics.

Building with platform differences in mind is vital when producing content for numerous platforms. Users becoming frustrated is another frequent cause of app failure. A little discomfort can be fatal because it takes the average user less than a minute to assess whether or not an app is worthwhile.

Improper testing:

Although it’s uncommon for an app to debut without minor defects, investing in QA before selling will help assure there are no significant issues. If an app isn’t thoroughly tested, it will undoubtedly be full of problems that affect the user experience and are likely to cause crashes.

Users are more than likely to never use it again after only one crash. In actuality, app crashing is a typical cause of negative ratings on app stores. And the likelihood that your app will fail increases as the number of negative reviews rises.

According to a survey by Blancco Technology Group (BTG), performance issues including apps crashing or components shutting down affect 58% of iOS-based devices. To ensure that your app is as market-ready as possible, extensive app testing must be performed with a defined methodology in place. If you don’t succeed in attracting customers the first time, it’s doubtful that you will receive another chance.


An app’s performance is influenced by a variety of elements, such as competition, marketing budget, and even luck. Beyond these aspects, however, inadequate research and poorly implemented processes are typical causes of apps failing when they are launched. Focusing on market and consumer research, adhering to platform-specific best practises, and doing extensive quality assurance testing can make the difference between your mobile app development process succeeding or failing. Come to Stellar Digital, the top mobile app development company in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR, if you’re seeking for a competent mobile app development company for your project. Our talented team of app developers can help with your project.

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