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Turning a brand-new apartment into your home is challenging, especially when the space you are provided with is too small. It does not help that you fail to make any permanent changes. And to top it off, your place may have awkward dimensions or structures you don’t know how to manage. Well, mentioned below are a few designer-approved helpful tips. Please check them out right now.

Invest in Wall Sconces

Professional interior designers in Cape Town try to enhance an apartment with lighting. The wall sconces acquired immense popularity in the present times. They illuminate a house without wasting the surface area of a table or a floor in any way. You may plug the contemporary sconces on the wall; thus, forget worrying about wiring. Some even spin, giving additional flexibility to the direction of the lighting.

Do Not Keep Furniture on the Floor

The best small apartment design idea involves keeping the furniture off the floor no matter what. Do you ask why? Because nothing makes an already small floor look smaller than a bulky sofa smacked right at its center. Use furniture that sits high above the floor. In this way, the room will look a lot more spacious and a lot less suffocating. Pieces with long tapered legs are found all over the market nowadays.

Categorize the Space Using Furniture

Many small apartments do not have separate living and dining areas. The studio apartments do not even have a separate bedrooms. However, you can divide the place into zones using furniture. For instance, use the sofa as a wall to categorize a section of an apartment into a living room and a dining room. A bookcase can be a divider between a living room and a bedroom.

Hang Artwork

Renting a house means you cannot put holes in the wall. However, it does not necessarily mean you have to miss the chance to display artwork. Put a beautiful painting or photograph on a shelf or dresser, so it leans against the wall. This is also an amazing trick for encouraging an eclectic vibe throughout the space. Learn one art piece on another for a layered appearance.

Try Vertical Spacing

The well-known interior designer in Cape Town repeatedly stressed the significance of going vertical. Bookcases utilize the space vertically, thus, allowing you to maximize storage while alleviating floor space to a great extent. If you wish to take things a step further, consider swapping your bedside table or nightstand with a bookcase. Finding one with an in-built desk is like the cherry on the cake.

If implementing the tips mentioned above seems difficult, consider seeking professional assistance. Before scheduling an appointment with a designer, make sure to carry out a thorough background check. In addition to checking the number of years he or she has worked, look out for some characteristic traits like artistic ability, interpersonal skills, visualization, attention to detail, etc.

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