5 Unique Anniversary gift ideas for Your Couple Friends

We know it’s so hard to choose a particular gift for one person and selecting a gift for a couple is way more harder. Then your gift should match the balance of practicality and thoughtfulness at the same time. While shopping you need a constant reminder that the gift shares the interest of both persons. Also you have to consider that it doesn’t serve the purpose of being used only by one person. It must be something useful for both of them. We know it’s a tough task to do. So that’s why we are here to make your problem a bit simpler. You can get them a customised anniversary cake delivery at their celebration. When they look at that cake, you can imagine how delightful a moment it would become for them. Or if you want to make them feel loved,  you can get a personalised gift according to their style and it would hold an emotional value too. If you want to make them surprised then you can go for an experience gift like plan a vacation or a road trip for them. 

See there are zillions of options that would make a fun and exciting gift to give. Don’t worry we have compiled some of the gifts that will make the unique and best anniversary gifts. 

Home decor

If you are planning to buy something for someone who loves their home, then get them something that will help in decorating their home. From wall hanging to customised photo frames, there are plenty of options to make someone home smile. While shopping consider the basic pieces that can go with pretty much any home furniture. Go grab a beautiful show piece that would make a great contribution in making their home look more prettier.

Customised cake 

No anniversary celebration is complete without cutting a delicious cake. You can easily make their special day more special by ordering a customised cake for them. Get a rose themed cake or a couple themed cake. It would add charm to their anniversary celebration. Everyone’s eyes will be only on your gifted cake. So we are suggesting you to get a professionally baked cake via the best cake delivery online, as they provide quick and best services. 

Intertwined mugs 

This will make a very cute gift for your couple friend who has just completed their one year together. If they are the one who likes to fresh start their mornings with a cup of coffee, then you can definitely get them these sets of mugs without any doubt. These intertwined mugs have handles in the shape of a heart. You can customize this mug set by printing a love quote on it. This will be a useful gift for both of them. Now get this beautiful gift to those who love each other. 

Personalised leather keychain 

This will be another best option to give to a couple friends of yours. It will be stamped with your friends anniversary date and month. It will cut down the problem of misplacing and mixing up the keys of their multiple vehicles. If you are planning to give something personalised and genuine then this would make the perfect gift. 

Crystal rose 

People usually don’t prefer giving original roses because they don’t last long. A crystal rose is the best alternative to gifting original roses. It will never die and last long just like the love of your couple friends for each other. Go grab a nice crystal rose with a velvet packaging box. Because it will add more excitement to the giftee to unwrap and see what’s in it. 

So these were some unique anniversary gift ideas that you can give to a couple friends so that they can cherish forever.

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