Whether it’s a powerful draw left or right off the tee or a straightforward draw into the green with an iron, a draw is a highly sought-after shot in professional golf that most novice amateurs cannot hit.

Because all three clubs have the same fundamental design, you can learn how to hit a draw with a driver, wood, or iron.

How is a draw defined

A shot that bends smoothly from right to left is struck by a right-handed golfer. In addition, many would argue that draws cover more ground and have a more appealing shape than fades.

Depending on the angle of the ball, a push-draw, straight draw or pull-draw can have different definitions in golf. A straight draw begins on the left and draws to the left, a push draw begins straight and draws to the left, and a pull draw begins right and draws to the left.

Let’s draw it out.

For your club to draw, the clubface must be somewhat closed at impact in relation to your swing path. The right-handed swing of a right-handed golfer creates a sidespin, which causes the ball to curve to the left. Amateur golfer frequently hit fades or slices rather than draws, exposing their clubface at impact.

It’s critical to keep in mind that some of these might not work for you. You will need to devise a solution that suits your needs the best.

Changing your alignment is the first step.

Hit a golf ball with your feet and shoulders pointed straight ahead of the target. Butch Harmon, a well-known golf coach. Suggests making a smoother swing through impact to make it easier for the club to release and impact the ball closer.

The second approach is to hold firmly.

You will be able to “flip over” the club during impact and deliver. The clubface in a relatively closed position when you have a firm grip on it. If you want to hit a straight draw. Aim right and avoid turning the club over too much to avoid an unwanted hook.

Loosen your grip if you are having trouble releasing the club and delivering the face to the ball in a closed position. The objective is to strike the ball with a slightly closed clubface in relation to the swing path. As stated in the preceding article.

What should I do next?

You can adjust the weight distribution of the club head with a high-quality adjustable driver, hybrid, or wood. Making it much simpler to hit draws. You will enjoy the course for many years to come if you invest in them.

Callaway, Taylor Made, Cobra, and Bridgestone are just a few of the high-quality club manufacturers to take into consideration.

Ultimately, a number of recreational and high-handicap golfers struggle to hit draws. In point of fact, amateurs are more likely to fade because so many novices overdo it. However, drawing is possible with the right approach and some practice.

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