Bangalore is situated in the most unique spot for those who enjoy nature, it’s the ideal spot for enjoying warm weather all year long which will allow you to unwind your walls and get out into the wild. A short journey to hilltops nearby or a bicycle ride that takes you to the more distant areas of the city gives an array of stunning locations. There’s always something who visits these areas and trekking is becoming increasingly popular among the residents who are part of IT HUB. They are awestruck by these serene destinations and give away their luxurious lifestyles free of the chaos of the city. The peacefulness of these areas close to Bangalore is stunning and provides thrilling experiences for those who are seeking adrenaline. Numerous short hikes can be done in a single day near Bangalore. We’ve compiled an overview of the most sought-after destinations.


situated only 70 km from Bangalore, and is considered one of the most popular places to trek for a single day trek. The Deccan plateau is home to one of Asia’s biggest monolithic mountains, and the trek up to 1226m is possible. It features two songs, karigudda and billigudda, that will get you to the summit. You might spend the night in your campsites and take in the magnificent daybreak from the mountain.


The Nandi hills are only 60 km away from Bangalore. They are the most sought-after destination for everyone living in the city of Bangalore. Just a short driving distance, this spot is a popular spot for walking and trekking. It is necessary to climb up 1200 steps to get to the top and get panoramic views across the valley. The views from the summit are stunning.


situated about 70 kilometers from Bangalore, it’s an edgy terrain located about 70 km from Bangalore. It is a hill. The hill is ideal for providing breathtaking views of the valley because it is surrounded by trees and other natural beauty. At the top, at 1204 meters There are numerous temples, including the yoga Narasimha and the bhoga Narasimha temples, which are famous among other temples. The bulk of hikers travel from the lower mountainside Bhoga Narasimha temple to the summit to see Yoga Narasimha.It is the most ideal single-day trekking spot near Bangalore.


The second-largest monolithic hill in Asia, it is located 100 kilometres from Bangalore. It ascends 1200 metres in height. The entrances to this madhugiri are through bagilu diddi bagilu, antaralada as well as antaralada, diddi bagilu, and Mysore gate. The 1 1/2-hour hike is not easy, but the view from the top is spectacular.


Another place to drive around is close to Bangalore which is 60km. The elevation is 1350m. It is located on a hillock of granite. The views from the summit of the makalidurga Fort are captivating. The one-day trek from Bangalore is well worth a visit. It is also not an easy walk.


The location is located 50 kilometers away from Bangalore and is also famous as the location for the filming of the hit film “Sholay”. RAMANAGARA has seven amazing hills, including yeti rajagiri shivaramaragiri, somagiri, revana siddeshwara hill, Krishnagiri, Jala siddeshwara hill, and sidilakallu hill. The rock climbing at these mounts is a unique one of a unique in the world.


The hill fort is approximately 100 kilometers from Bangalore. This gives you breathtaking views across the valley. There are numerous temples that you can visit, which are stunning. The trek should take about an hour to complete, so get out of Bangalore at the earliest possible time to begin your trek early at dawn.


Another extremely close trek is located near Bangalore which is just 60 kilometers. It is located at 1350m above sea level. It is a great spot for night hikes to explore the old Skanda Giri fortress. Walking at night and taking the stunning view of the dawn rising from the valley can make any journey unforgettable. Fishing, bumper boat rides, or even birdwatching. These are some of the activities that can create a memorable experience. The hike is easy and easy to access.

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