Abhor is a word that many people use incorrectly, but it can be confusing because the word has several definitions. Abhor means to find something disgusting or distasteful, but sometimes it also means to detest or dislike something. The word abhorreant is a synonym of abhorrent and refers specifically to someone who abhors something. The verb form of this word is “abhors,” not “abhorring.”

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abhor (verb): to detest, dislike or find distasteful

The word abhor refers to a strong feeling of dislike or distaste. It can be used in both a general sense and in a more specific sense, such as “abhor the crime” or “I abhor my neighbor’s cat.”

It is more severe than dislike, requiring an even stronger negative response from the speaker. For example, if you don’t like something but you don’t hate it, then you may say that you dislike it; if you hate something and feel disgusted for it, then you will likely use the word abhor instead of simply saying that you dislike that thing.


The abhorreant is a person who abhors something. An example would be if you have an abhorrence of spiders, then you could be called an abhorreant of spiders.

The word is not commonly used in English, but it does appear in some dictionaries as well as Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary and Oxford English Dictionary.



abhorred is a word that means detesting or disliking something. It’s a synonym for abhor, which means to hate or despise. For example:

  • “She abhorred the thought of having to wear formal clothing at her cousin’s wedding.”
  • “I was appalled by how much sugar was in my coffee! I abhorred it!”



A word that means the same as abhor. It is used to describe something distasteful or disgusting.


Abhorrer (noun):

  • A person who abhors something.

An abhorrer is someone who feels disgusted or dislikes something, often because they are opposed to it morally or culturally. In this sense, abhorrer can be used as a synonym for “misanthrope.”

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Abhor means to find something disgusting or distasteful

Abhor is a verb and an adjective. It can be used to mean “to find something disgusting or distasteful, abhorrent,” or it can be used to describe someone who feels that way. For example, “He hates broccoli.”

If you are writing about this topic, remember the following:

  • Abhor should not be confused with abate (meaning “reduce in intensity”).
  • Abhor is not the same as abhorrence (meaning “a feeling of extreme disgust”).

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