Kasol is located in Himachal Pradesh’s Kullu district. This place has significance because it is situated in the basins of River Parvati. It can also be categorized as a hotspot of the Great Himalayas. Another peculiar thing one can notice here is the presence of Israelite tourists. This is one such place that has tourists from around the Globe, especially from Israel.

Except for this part, Kasol has a very good atmosphere; including its weather conditions as well. There are so many places in Kasol that one should not miss visiting. You would not forget the experiences you receive here easily.

1. Magic valley

It is located in the Kasol region of Himachal Pradesh. This is such a village that gives a great visual treat for all the people who visit here through the beauty of nature. All the people who love to do adventures will also love this place. This place will be usually covered with snow. it will be so beautiful, especially during the wintertime.

It has views of the Himalayas which are covered in snow. The tiger mount peak, the glacier known as Khiksa Taj, the various thick forests, waterfalls, streams, etc. During the springtime, the presence of Rhododendrons as well as the snow during the winter time are usually very pleasing. This is a destination that provides you with trekking opportunities as well.

2. Kheerganga trek

Kheergaga trek is yet another place that one must visit in Kasol. This trek has a height of around 3050 m. It is situated near the paradise, Parvati valley. This can also be regarded as a place that is religious and holy. It consists of several water springs which are very hot, a temple that is solely dedicated to the Great Lord Shiva, etc. You will be having such a great experience during the winter time as the place is fully covered in snow and you will be bathing in the hot springs. Such a great experience, isn’t it?

3. Kheerganga waterfall

Kheerganga is a very small village that is popular for its trekking points. It is present in Kasol, a beautiful region of Himachal Pradesh. The water from the streams usually cascades down the hills which are covered with rocks. This is a very beautiful place that has the serene beauty of Nature. The beauty of the waterfall is providing such great eyesight for all the people who visit here. This is a very famous stopping point in the Kheerganga trek path.

4.  Tulga

This is yet another place that is present near the Parvati River valley. To be more specific; it is situated between the places called Kalga and Pulga. This is a small village where you can walk barefoot as well. Only a few people live here and hence the population is very low. You can witness the great mountains which are covered with snow. This place has the cultivation of barley crops as well. Pulga is distinguished from the nearby Kalga by the presence of a stream. People used to visit here to view the sunset from here. Trust me, this will be such a great experience for all the people who visit here.

5. Sar Pass Trek

This place is rich with the terrain and the beauty of nature. According to reports, this location would seem to be ideal for those who are just beginning their treks. This particular trail travels through dense forests, meadows, villages, as well as snow-covered mountains, etc. Here, you’ll have access to a wealth of wonderful activities and experiences.This is such a place that welcomes you with adventure as well as excitement together. You will be experiencing both hand-in-hand. This is regarded as a paradise in which all the people; from beginners to advanced trekkers, used to love the most. You will be having all the facilities for accommodation as well as food at your budget cost. Are you guys so excited after reading this? Then, go and visit Kasol as soon as possible.

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