Health is typically thought of as only physical, as only what the human eyes externally see from the human body. That is what kids are usually taught in school, and even while growing up and aging, many people carry that mindset, telling them that “health” is defined only by the physical fitness and features of a person. However, that is an incomplete fact because health encompasses a vast meaning. It significantly includes mental health, something unseen from the outside and something very crucial among all aspects of human health. 

Everybody should care for his/her mental well-being because it is a determinative factor for one’s way of living. It affects how you think, feel, move, speak, interact and many more of the things you do.

With a robust mental health, you are able to handle your emotions well and how you respond to situations that demand their active participation. You can function properly, can manageably cope with stress, and you generally feel good. On the other hand, when you are having poor mental health, many unfavorable emotions overwhelm you. You are experiencing a declining change in your lifestyle and your outlook in life, and you are constantly in an unpleasant and bothered feeling. These are just a few indications, but also remember that having poor mental health does not immediately mean that you are ill.

In this piece, we are not going to talk about everything about mental health. Rather, we are going to focus on the improvement and progress that one is experiencing with regards to his/her mental struggles. Going through mental health issues is never a joke; it’s like a horrifying nightmare for many. Yet with the help of mental health professionals, of loved ones, of God, and of your own determination, you can overcome, and you will overcome. It will definitely take some time, but you can and will succeed! 

Now, as you walk through the path of healing, you will notice and experience positive changes and restoration within yourself. Looking at some of them, here are 8 sweet signs that your mental health is improving.

1 – You are less distracted.

mental health

Poor mental health is accompanied by persistent worrying, which causes big distractions in your mind. It’s hard to make decisions and live life calmly and smoothly because your thoughts are all over the place. 

An improving mental health can be seen when you are gradually becoming less distracted. You can focus and concentrate longer than before. Your confusions are now getting clear.  You have regained your presence of mind. No more worries that trouble you and steal your precious attention from things that truly matter. You can move mindfully and decide thoughtfully because you are now less distracted. 

2 – You are eating properly.

good food

Mental health has the power to control your physical health. One of the ways is by altering how you take care of your own body. When you are having mental challenges, you are either stress-eating (eating excessively) or developing poor eating habits (not eating or eating unhealthily). 

An improving mental health drives you to eat properly. You are put in the mood to eat and fill yourself to be and stay alive and healthy. You want to satisfy yourself with good and nutritious food. A good appetite for food, which you completely lost in the middle of difficult mental issues, is slowly coming back to you. Skipping meals is no longer a habit. Unhealthy food and drinks are no longer a “necessity” for you; best, you have realized that they do nothing but wreck your body. You care for yourself again, and that’s something you often failed to do while stuck in a dark mental state. 

3 – You sleep more easily and peacefully.


For many people struggling with mental and emotional issues, sleeping is not anymore just part of an essential daily routine. Sadly, it becomes an escape to the reality that punches them down. They sleep to forget for a little while, only to wake up to the same hurdle. But before that, the first obstacle is that it’s hard to sleep at night or whatever time of day it is. 

An improving mental health can be seen as you are able to sleep more easily and peacefully. The latter is the most important – you can sleep peacefully, uninterruptedly, serenely. That’s because you don’t spend all your time anymore thinking about what’s wrong and what’s happening in your life. You find more worthwhile things to use your time for. When it’s time to sleep, you can sleep feeling at ease.

4 – You accomplish tasks better.

mental health

It’s daunting how the battles happening inside the head keeps you from actually moving forward in reality. While you worry endlessly, your duties are unending as well because you don’t do them well, or you don’t do them at all.

An improving mental health allows you to operate and be in action again. You accomplish tasks better – in quality and in quantity too. Because your enthusiasm is resurfacing bit by bit, your work and fruits of work are coming back and improving! 

5 – You can connect with other people again.


People tussling with poor mental health develop trust issues towards other people, most particularly if the reason for their adversities are caused by or are involved with people around them. They feel like they want to shut their doors, stay indoors and be hidden from the world. It’s a dark time, and yet, sometimes, the way to go, they think, is by being alone all the time. 

An improving mental health is seen in your socialization abilities. You can connect with other people again. You welcome people and interact again. Communicating and initiating conversations, opening up and showing your true self, reaching out and being reachable – these are now possible again for you. 

6 – You know how to protect your mind from unwanted thoughts. 

mental health

When you are having mental health dilemmas, it’s like your head is getting overloaded with all kinds of thoughts, mostly negative and troubling. Your head is noisy, filled with worries and even lies of every sort. It’s the worst sound of all.

An improving mental health allows you to know how to protect your mind from unwanted thoughts. You can detect whenever bad thoughts are around the corner. You are now fully aware of what triggers them. And you don’t simply distract yourself to not notice them. Rather, you know how to defend your mind against those lies. You don’t just find a way to temporarily escape them. Rather, you are gradually overcoming them!  

7 – You feel more confident now.

mental health

Poor mental health saps self-esteem and confidence out of you. You see yourself and see everything bad and ugly. You look at yourself, and it seems like you don’t know who that person in the mirror is. 

An improving mental health displays a restoration of self-confidence and self-belief. You feel more confident now. You wear clothes more presentably, walk with good energy, speak knowing what you’re saying. Buying new clothes for fresh looks, grabbing your exercise equipment for physical fitness, enhancing your skin for a radiant glow. You go to work with your chin up. You care for yourself more since you want to be more beautiful inside and out. You feel you are reintroducing yourself to yourself and also to others.   

8 – You can smile and laugh again, genuinely.

mental health

Last but not the least, poor mental health makes you put on a mask of pretense, showing everyone that you are fine and happy, when in fact, you are crying in pain while you are alone. 

An improving mental health is felt by you most of all. You can smile and laugh genuinely, and it’s you who can feel and identify that. You can feel it deep inside your heart. That familiar feeling of joy, which has been missing for a long time, is making its way back to your dear life.



Mental health is a major part of human life that determines and directs how people live their lives as a whole. It would be perfect if life’s always smooth-sailing, and everything is going perfectly well, but that’s not the case. Many things, occasions and even people you encounter in life become part or contributors to the reasons why your mental well-being shifts and goes through the lows. And sometimes, it’s not easy, difficult in short, to immediately get back up. 

Some people have terrible worries, fears, anxieties, depression and traumas that are caused by or that causes setbacks in mental health. It’s like the world turns all black. It’s like nothing feels good anymore. It’s like a never-ending tunnel of sadness and even anger. That’s how it is in that dimension, unfortunately. 

But you know ‘healing’? Healing exists. Healing happens. It can happen to you. Seek help from mental health professionals. Seek help from your trusted family and friends. Seek help from the Almighty. Root for yourself. Healing is a process. It will surely take a lot of time – sometimes years – but undergo the process with the desire to reach your goal, and soon, you will get there.

Check yourself. As you see these signs of an improving mental health from yourself, realize that you will indeed reach your destination, which is complete healing. Those improvements are proof that bad days don’t last. Little by little, you will get to where you must be. You will be free. You will be healed. Trust me, you will get there. 


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She also writes for Fitbiz Exercise Equipment, an excellent source of the ultimate fitness equipment collections in Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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