How Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant Influences Your Way Of Working?

Disciplined Agile is a user-first, learning-oriented approach to finding solutions to unique problems or situations. The DA is organized into four layers:

The foundation layer includes principles, promises, and guidelines of the DA mindset, fundamental concepts from both agile and lean, fundamental concepts from serial traditional approaches and roles, and team structures and fundamentals of choosing one’s way of working.

The next layer is called Disciplined DevOps. It is an enterprise-class approach that includes disciplined agile delivery (DAD), security, data and release management, support, and IT operations.

The next layer is the Value Stream layer which helps achieve business agility with high quality. This includes portfolio management, product management, and program management along with research and development, business operation, marketing, continuous improvement, and sales.

The last layer is the Disciplined Agile Enterprise layer which focuses on the other activities that support the organization’s value stream that include the enterprise architecture, people management, asset management, transformation, finance, vendor management, and legal.

These layers help keep things organized to address the challenges faced at ease.

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DAVSC and WoW:

The ways of working must lead to a company’s speed, growth, success, connection, and better outcomes. It must create teamwork and encourage cooperation. The Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant (DAVSC) Certification is the most valuable course offered by PMI. A DAVSC Certification gives the team members more power and influence so they can improve the organization. Collaboration in a company or an organization is achieved through the way of working (WoW).

Disciplined agile plays an important role in shaping the organization. An organization must be able to give the highest value delivery to the customers. DA helps make decisions that affect the overall growth of an organization. The value stream concentrates on organizational improvement based on their unique needs in various situations.

DAVSC Training programs suggest multiple ways of working (WoW) for every organization, it suggests how an organization should run, where it should start, where can the organization be benefited from, what would be the expected outcome, etc. DAVSC consists of various theories and practices for organizational development. It is incorporated with the DA mindset and DA toolkit which makes it more efficient. It helps the company accelerate up to a point and assists in self-improvement.

Organizations adopt DA to function the management in a sooner and smoother manner so that they can deliver value faster and satisfy the customers. The DAVSC is equipped with tools and techniques to deliver better client projects and it enables a rich Value Stream Concept.


The DAVSC enforces a lot of aspects of organizational development and its delivery to customers. It suggests practices for scaling agility with which the company can grow and meet the benchmark set. In complex organizations, it can be difficult to identify and provide value streams because you must deal with the needs, demands, and expectations of various stakeholders at various levels. This is eased by the DAVSC, which suggests simpler solutions to complex problems. DAVSC influences the ways of working of an organization and helps in its overall evolution. The main objective is to deliver quality rich resources to the organization that in turn provide satisfaction to the customers.

The training delivers activities and discussions that are only necessary for successful implementation in organizations. The amount of experience that attendees from different backgrounds offer also gives a broad viewpoint and allows for thoughtful discussion.

The DAVSC training workshops are now offered at ProThoughts, with quality rich resources, gamified learning, personal training support, and in-house training. The instructors are well experienced and train the user with maximum potential to give 100% results.

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