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You diligently studied for your scrum master certification online and attended the training. You did it and should be pleased with yourself. Are you aware that the Scrum Alliance offers a two-year certification validity period? Next, what? You must renew it to extend its validity for an additional two years. 

The good news is that you may renew the scrum master certification online with just one click and you don’t have to take any exams. However, there is a catch, and we at Universal Agile would like to inform you of it in this article today.

There is no need to worry about the process, so don’t panic. Believe it is straightforward, and this article’s goal is to point you in the proper route. Let us go over each stage of the CSM Certification Renewal process in detail with you.

You must pay $100 for renewal. Additionally, SEUs are specified as being necessary and are listed as 20 for renewing a basic CSM Certification. Therefore, you must be aware of the SEU and the cost of the CSM Certification renewal. 

The term “SEU” stands for scrum education units. The SEU credit points are represented by the number 20. So, we’ll explain what SEU is and how credits are earned. Once you have earned 20 SEU, you can renew your CSM certification easily by paying USD 100.

Let’s look at how to obtain these 20 SEU first.

How do SEUs work?

SEUs, also known as Scrum Education Units, can be obtained by taking Scrum-related classes, pursuing individual study, or participating in extracurricular activities. What is the SEU for each course? and where can I enroll in these programs are the current issues. SEU credit is essentially divided into six kinds. 

Categories A, B, C, D, E, and F are what Scrum Alliance refers to as these. Check out the credit values for each category below. The category you select and the 20 SEUs you need to obtain to renew your CSM certification are entirely up to you.

You earn one SEU each hour in each area, so keep that in mind before we get into the specifics. In other words, you will receive 1 SEU for every hour you spend participating in a certain event, program, or activity. 

After reading this explanation, you can schedule your attendance at the program based on your time constraints to swiftly earn 20 SEUs and submit a renewal application.

Category A (Scrum Alliance Gatherings)

The events listed in this section allow you to take part in one or more of them to receive credit. For a total of eight SEUs per day, all of these activities are held. meaning that you would attend an 8-hour session in a single day. From this course, you can get up to 45 SEUs. To renew your scrum certification, you will just need 20, though.

Scrum Coaching Retreats – Current agile coaches and aspiring coaches can network with one another and learn from each other about agile methods. This retreat is open to managers, product owners, agile coaches, and scrum masters.

Sponsored by the Scrum Alliance, these events include conferences and workshops that, if attended, will earn SEUs.

Regional Scrum Alliance Gatherings are 2- to 3-day gatherings where you can meet scrum practitioners, coaches, and trainers.

Scrum Alliance Worldwide Gatherings: Since 2013, the scrum alliance has sponsored global events, which take place twice a year.

North America in the Spring and the European Union in the Fall. Meet individuals from the Scrum community and exchange knowledge by sharing experiences. Find the gatherings that are given in your area to add SEU to your account.

Category B (Scrum Alliance Courses)

You can enroll in Scrum Alliance REPs, CSTs, and CECs courses including CSM, CSPO, A-CSM, A-CSPO, CSD, CAL I, CAL II, and Scrum@Scale Practitioner and one-day training for 8 hours will add 8 SEU to your account. In this category, you can earn an unlimited number of SEUs.

By choosing to continue your study in topics related to scrum, you can earn more credits. Participate in an online, in-person, webinar, or recorded training course. Visit the scrum alliance website to learn more about the teacher and the training course, then sign up for one of the courses provided by Registered Education Providers (REP).

Please be aware that the instructor and course must be mentioned on the website of the Scrum Alliance. 

Category C (Outside Events)

You may submit 15 SEUs in this category. SEUs can be acquired by taking part in activities that are relevant but not Scrum Alliance-sponsored.

As there is no need for a scrum alliance sponsor, participation in this category is simple. Any external event, such as agile conferences, REP courses like the PMI-ACP, Kanban, SAFe Agilist, DevOps, TDD, Agile Scrum Master, SAFe Scrum Master, and Lean, as well as receiving training from a scrum trainer who is not certified.

Category D (Volunteer Service)

You can obtain 15 SEUs under this category.

So far, we’ve talked about learning and knowledge acquisition. You will have the opportunity to contribute to the Scrum community in this section for a change. You have the opportunity to give a presentation or lecture here without charge. 

You can teach here and earn SEUs as a volunteer, but there is no financial reward. Keep in touch with the Scrum community and take advantage of the opportunity to impart your wisdom to the young brains that need it.

Category E (Independent Learning)

Okay, so you don’t want to meet and converse with anyone. Not having enough time to attend a lecture and training both online and offline. Then write a paperback or electronic copy of a book and read it. You can share your superior knowledge with others by writing a blog, an essay, or even a thorough book. You can obtain SEUs by simply watching a movie.

Category F (Other collaborative learning)

To earn a maximum of 15 SEUs, take part in collaborative learning activities with scrum practitioners. Just keep in mind that neither category C nor B should be used for this area. Non-CSTs will be allowed to deliver live webinars.

How long do you have to wait before renewing your Scrum Master certification?

Within 24 months of the certification’s issuance, you can renew your CSM status. In addition, a three-month (90-day) grace period is provided from the certificate’s expiration date to fulfill the SEU requirement and renew the document.

What does renewing the certificate mean?

The process of learning never ends. It was an excellent idea for you to take a 2-day classroom course and pass an online, objective test to become a certified scrum master. However, to keep things moving, you must renew them. 

By renewing the certificate, you can continue to be a part of the scrum community. Participating in conferences, training sessions, and other events to earn SEUs will enable you to upgrade your understanding of complex scrum issues. This certificate needs to be renewed annually to stay current with the market.


Your choice of which category best suits you to earn 20 SEUs is now yours. We advise you to work towards accumulating SEU across all categories because doing so will facilitate your movement through each mode. You can learn more by doing this. SEU is necessary to maintain your Scrum Master certification, but the various categories have been designed to give you a diversity of experiences.

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