If you want to pursue a DCA career, then you must have the right background to excel in this field. While computer applications and theories are essential, you must also have soft skills and interpersonal skills to succeed in this field. Apart from these, you should have a basic knowledge of computers. The following are some important skills that you should develop while studying for a DCA course.

Diploma in Computer Applications

A Diploma in Computer Applications (DCA) gives you the knowledge and skill to apply computer technology to various fields. This course offers a wide range of job opportunities for those who are interested in the field. Whether you are interested in creating computer applications, designing computer systems or working in IT support, a DCA Computer Course In Patna will help you to become a successful IT professional.

A Diploma in Computer Applications is a six to twelve-month course. It is eligible for those who have passed 10th class. Once you complete this course, you can apply for undergraduate courses that are relevant to your field of study. The Diploma course is divided into three semesters. In the first semester, you will study computer systems and operating systems. The second semester will cover programming languages and database management systems. Throughout the course, you’ll also learn about social implications of computers.

Once you have completed your Diploma in Computer Applications, you’ll be able to seek a job in the public or private sector. In the private sector, you can find jobs in industries such as banking, insurance, marketing, and finance. Other fields you can enter with your diploma include manufacturing, inventory control, and accounting.


The DCA course syllabus covers the fundamentals of computer applications and functions. Because most work is done on computers today, it is important to know how to operate these tools. Professionals also need to know how to navigate the Internet and use Microsoft Office suite. The DCA course syllabus is designed to help students develop these skills in a practical way.

The DCA course is a year-long diploma program that is divided into two semesters. In the final semester, students must submit a final project. The curriculum of the DCA course focuses on computer programming, database management, document handling, web design, and computer graphics. Each semester has a different syllabus.

After graduation, students can choose to pursue higher education or a career in the IT sector. In addition, DCA graduates can work independently or freelancing. There are many software MNCs that offer jobs to graduates. With some experience, candidates can hold a good profile with these companies.


The DCA course helps you gain in-depth knowledge about computer applications and technology. After graduation, you can choose a wide range of careers, ranging from data entry to database development and software engineering. Graduates of the course can expect to earn three to six lakh rupees per annum. After graduating, you can choose to advance your training by enrolling for advanced courses.

DCA course is a one-year diploma program that provides the student with hands-on training and theoretical knowledge of computer applications. It also helps them develop major soft skills. Students who pursue this course are able to enter a variety of job opportunities, including recruitment, software development, electrical and telephone industries, data entry, and BPOs.

The DCA course consists of five subjects, including basic and advanced subjects. Students complete the program in six months to a year, depending on the curriculum. It is a specialized course and can open up a wide range of career opportunities in the private and public sector. Graduates can pursue further studies in a related field and find excellent jobs in software development and basic computer applications.


The Computer Classes In Patna provides Diploma in Computer Applications course is a good choice for students who wish to expand their knowledge of computer applications. It consists of five modules, each covering a different aspect of computer applications. Students will learn Microsoft Office, Internet Applications, Operating System, Database Management System, HTML, and C Programming. The course is skill-oriented, so students will not focus on theoretical studies, but instead focus on learning the practical skills that are in demand in the market.

The duration of the Diploma in Computer Application course varies from six to twelve months. Students must pass their 10+2 examinations in order to be eligible for the course. Some colleges also conduct entrance tests for the course. The age limit for admission to this course is between 18 and 22 years. Depending on the institution, the cost of the Diploma in Computer Application course may vary.

The Diploma in Computer Applications is a short, certificate course designed to help students and professionals gain a foothold in computer applications. The course covers the major concepts of computer applications in a short period of time.

Without computer skills, people find it difficult to compete for jobs. A Diploma in Computer Applications gives students the edge. The course can take anywhere from six to twelve months, and includes written and practical exams. These exams are independently administered by the institutes and are regulated by NIELIT.

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