Immediate Steps to be Taken After Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement is a challenging surgery to recover from. You should go for the best knee replacement surgeon in Delhi. Recovering from knee replacement surgery without the help of family and friends can be tedious. Hence, here are some immediate steps you can take after you return from your surgery.

1.    Use A Cane Or A Walker

Using a cane or a walker helps you from falling and damaging your new knee. You can seek immediate medical attention if you require it from the specialized orthopedic team at BLK Max Hospital.

2.    Treatment Of Pain

Some people come up with the problem of “tough it out” as they fear that they might get addicted to the painkillers or be a victim of the medicinal side effects. However, if the patient does not take medicine in case of extreme pain, then it will be difficult to perform rehabilitation exercises. It can often lead to chronic pain. Hence, it is advisable for knee replacement patients to consult their surgeons about the pain. The best knee replacement surgeon in Delhi can significantly help in such situations.

3.    Treatment Of Swelling

When we talk about knee replacement surgery, there are many after-effects to deal with. One of them is swelling. Many patients tend to ignore this, stating it might be a side effect of the medicines. But that is not the case. Knee swelling can make locomotion difficult and hinder activities like bending, sitting, walking, and standing. You can treat the swelling in your knee by applying an ice pack for 20 to 30 minutes daily. You can also take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which reduce swelling and the pain caused by swelling, if your doctor prescribes them.

4.    Stay Motivated For Rehabilitation Exercises

The best knee replacement surgeon in Delhi states that abiding by the rehab plan after replacement surgery is essential. The plan changes depending on the recovery condition of the patient and their medical history. Sometimes, it can entail walking for 30 minutes two times a day. In other cases, it can involve knee exercises. The rehab plan might be painful for the patient. But the patient has to be motivated to continue with it for a speedy recovery.

5.  Prepare For Long Term Care

Knee replacement surgery is complex and recovery from it takes time. But the best knee replacement surgeon in Delhi suggests some long-term measures that can be taken for a speedy recovery. These are:

  • Do not skip the rehab plan and the exercises. It will help in building the strength in muscles and support the artificial knee.
  • Maintain hygiene to avoid bacteria in and around the operated wound. An infected knee might require a second surgery in such cases.
  • Follow up with your orthopedic surgeon at regular intervals. In case of slight discomfort or any abnormal change, seek medical attention immediately.

How To Avoid Complications After Knee Replacement Surgery?

Here are a few pointers you can take care of after returning from knee replacement surgery.

  • Apply an ice pack and DVT pump machine to avoid swelling. Keep your foot and ankle moving for constant blood circulation.
  • As and when your pain subsides, try to start walking using a cane or a walker under the supervision of a therapist.
  • Never try to twist your operated knee, as it can lead to dislocation of the replaced knee. Under any circumstance, if this happens, you must visit our nearby hospital for immediate medical attention.
  • Avoid sitting on a chair with a low height or on the floor. Getting up from a low level creates immense pressure on the knees. Hence, there might be the possibility of a reduction in the life of the artificial knee.
  • As the best knee replacement surgeon in Delhi states, you must wear comfortable and non-skid shoes once you can walk comfortably. Also, you must not put on body weight.


Knee replacement surgery is one of the best treatments for knee arthritis. Like any other replacement surgery, it requires medical attention, constant support, and motivation. The best knee replacement surgeon in Delhi suggests different measures to avoid complications after the replacement surgery. Moreover, if you feel any discomfort or abnormal changes in and around the operated knee, you must seek medical attention from your nearby hospital. Furthermore, when you start walking after the surgery, make sure you start it under the guidance of a therapist.

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