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What is Er: YAG crystal

Er: YAG crystal, additionally known as erbium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet. The chemical formula Er: Y3Al5O12, is a well-integrated laser crystal presently widely utilized in the clinical area fields. Er: YAG crystal is based on YAG crystal and Er3+ ions as doping ions. It belongs to the cubic crystal system and also is among the laser crystals that work at room temperature.

Advantages of Er: YAG crystal

Er: YAG crystal has a rich power level framework and great laser efficiency. Firstly,It can stably emit lasers with wavelengths of 1.64 μm, 1.78 μm, and 2.94 μm. Secondly, It can enabling high-concentration ion doping. Finally, the energy degree life time of the laser lowers when high doping is used. Small, the laser performance is improved. The 2.94 μm emission wavelength of Er: YAG with a doping concentration of 50% is located at the water absorption peak. Which can be highly taken in by water particles and also can additionally be soaked up by organic tissues. Because the absorption coefficient of water at this wavelength is 100 times larger than that of 2 μm and also 10,000 times larger than 1 μm, the 2.9 μm laser word has vital applications in the medical area.

Application of Er: YAG crystal

Er: YAG crystals have actually been utilized in medicine, such as dental surgery, cosmetic surgery, and ophthalmology. And also Er-YAG laser wavelengths can enhance various skin conditions. Such as actinic photodamage, hyperpigmentation, traumatic scarring, rough skin structure, laxity, etc. Furthermore, with the development of laser innovation, ¬ Er: YAG pump lasers likewise have applications in the military field and also melon optical interaction, such as lidar, telemetry, and also active imaging.

In the context of the continuous development of the laser sector, the Emergency room: YAG crystal market room is likewise increasing. Currently, foreign companies producing crystals mainly include Fabrinet in the UK, Optogama in Lithuania, Lasertec in Japan, etc. Domestic business generally include Fujing Modern technology, Jabil Skyway, Hengguang Optoelectronics, Nanjing Lite-On, Jingyuan Optoelectronics, etc.

Principle of Er: YAG laser therapy

1, laser-tissue interaction

The photothermal effect is the main mode of laser application in clinical practice. When thermal energy is applied to the surface of a tissue, it will directly heat the tissue within an absorption length. The heat is also transmitted to the surrounding tissue through thermal relaxation. The heat not conducted to the adjacent tissue can vaporize or eliminate the tissue near the surface. The removal rate of tissue depends on the concentration rate of laser energy in the tissue.

  • The higher the laser power, the faster the water vaporization and tissue removal,
  • The minimum heat damage to remove the tissue faster than the speed of heat conduction below the surrounding tissue. Which ensures that the solidification is limited to the laser absorption length.

2, Er: YAG laser action

Er: YAG laser can produce 2940nm infrared rays with good water absorption. With a pulse duration of less than 250ms, Er: YAG laser can remove more tissues each time. The 2940nm emission wavelength of the YAG laser is consistent with the main peak value of water absorption, and its water absorption coefficient is 10 times that of the carbon dioxide laser. Therefore, Er: The tissue removed by the YAG laser is thinner than the CO2 laser and can only penetrate a few microns of moist skin. The thermal relaxation time of the YAG laser is 1-5ms, and the degree of residual heat damage is also very mild. The thermal solidification layer generated by unvaporized tissue is very thin, and the bleeding spot is only the size of a needle tip.

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