ISP stands for Internet Service Provider

ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. An ISP is an entity that provides access to the internet, usually in exchange for a fee. The term “ISP” can also be used to refer to a company or organization that provides such access, as well as the service itself.

Internet service providers (ISPs) provide internet access to their customers. They also offer a range of related services, including email and web hosting. The ISPs are able to facilitate communication on the Internet by acting as intermediaries between users and one or more other networks that can provide data transmission services. The ISP may be owned by a company, individuals, or independent business owners.

The connection between an ISP and an end user is known as the “last mile” connection because it goes through several links before reaching the user’s computer or device.[2] ISPs charge their customers for usage of their network; however, they earn money by selling advertising space in the form of banners on their websites.

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