Know The Best Ways to Boost Cell Phone Signal

Some people search for the best ways to boost cell phone signal because there are many problems that arise due to weak or poor network quality. 

Nowadays, everybody is relying on cell phones for various activities like browsing something on the net and calling a family member or a friend. These days, poor signal issues are becoming one of the most popular issues right now on our devices, but there are many ways you can try to enhance your cell phone signals. 

Update Your Software 

Update Your Software 

You will notice that some messages are popping sometimes on your smartphone-related to the Update of the software. Some of the notifications are related to the enhancement of the services that help your phone to connect to the tower very smoothly. Generally, you should update the software of your device related to signal issues and network connectivity. You can also do the same by checking the available updates for your device. They may change from an android device to an iPhone. You can refer to the software update steps provided in the smartphone user manual or a software guide. 

Turn Off and On the SIM Services

Sometimes, the issues related to weak or poor signal or connectivity occur due to some technical glitches from either your phone or network operator. There are many tricks you can use and one of the most popular is enabling and disabling SIM cards. You can eject the SIM from your device and then insert it again. It may be due to the inappropriate placement of the SIM card. Try disabling and disabling your SIM card.

Most customers found this trick appropriate for fixing no signal or weak internet issues. It’s one of the best ways to boost cell phone signal. 

Disable Services or App You’re Not Using 

There are various types of services in your smartphone that may be open while making calls or using the internet for your work, but you end up with a low network or signal issues. Some features like Bluetooth, WiFi, and Near Field Communication (NFC) can sometimes cause various issues by either trying to connect yourself with your loved one or enabling other devices to use up bandwidth that is required for quick data and clear calling quality, etc. 

If you are facing signal issues and you want to improve your signal, then try disabling all the tasks and services running in the background. 

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Change the Voice and Data Settings on Your Device

Sometimes, if you want to boost 4G signal, it gets overloaded and the 3G network gets slower. In this situation, try to change the voice and data settings on your gadget. Make some changes and then check whether the issue is resolved or not.  If the issue is not resolved, continue reading the next step. You can easily customize the voice and data settings using the settings app. 

Use a Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Mobile phone booster is the only certified solution that is recommended by most carriers. These signal boosters help to amplify the signal inside your home and corporate houses. Try a reliable signal booster like a Cell Boost signal booster that comes in various forms in the name of Seguro. It has efficient cooling with a good range. It can work on all mobile networks without any issues. 

Seguro is one of the premium signal boosters that can easily boost the mobile network/signal outside that you can easily boost. You can check the mobile phone booster price based on your location. For instance: mobile network booster price in Delhi.

Reset Your Network Settings 

One of the best ways to get a good signal inside your home is by boosting the same, then you can use the resetting the network trick. You need to visit the Network Settings page and then hit the reset button. However, it will delete the cache files, but provide you with good network connectivity and signal. The procedure of resetting may change from an iPhone to an Android device. 


Boosting cell Phone signals is easy as customers can easily apply various tricks that can easily help them to boost their smartphone signal problems. Some of them are resetting network settings, turning off and on the SIM services, using mobile network signal boosters, and more. Customers will easily get the enhanced signal through a reliable signal booster from Seguro. 

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