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When it comes to marketing, there are many digital levers to succeed in raising business the top of its success! Precisely, inbound marketing is a formidable communication strategy effective attracted customer. Design-copywriting is an integral part of this on-intrusive method for the prospect. His goal? Provoke emotions in your target audience through the power of words! However, editorial seduction remains anorthite cannot be improvised. Boosting a sales pager making a slogan memorable must enter a digital ecosystem entirely designed for your persona! What if persuasive writing was the missing element in your company’s exponential growth? Discover why using copywriting for your business can multiply your sales and increase your profitability tenfold!

What is copywriting?

The technique of copywriting, also called copywriting, is the art of convincing through the use of words. This particular method of writing is to attract the reader to oneself, without going to seek him out in an intrusive way. In a digital communication strategy, persuasive writing is a really powerful tool! He is able to propel the destiny of a brand through the realization of engaging texts, which mark the spirits and challenge the reader. You must succeed in creating emotion in the prospect. In this way, he will feel concerned by your message and will eventually buy your product. However, knowing how to play with words is not necessarily innate and it involves several subtleties to master to excel in advertising writing.

« You sell with emotion, but you justify a purchase with logic. » – Joseph Sugarman, author and famous copywriter.

Create a digital ecosystem that converts through copywriting

As an entrepreneur, your image on the Web must be looked after in a global way, especially when you know that74% of Internet users pay attention to the spelling of the articles they read. Whether you are a baker or accountant, the more you use the web to establish your marketing action plan, the more you increase your chances of increasing your visibility. Ideally, you have at least one account on Social Media Verification Service and an online site, which can be equipped with a blog following a specific editorial line. Moreover, the design-writing intervenes at each part of your virtual universe to hook the prospect and convert him into a customer! To do this, give dynamism to your texts and find striking slogans!

Social Media Verification Service

Online marketing requires a consistent digital tree. Using copywriting for your business is therefore wise in your communication strategy to optimize your results. | Credit: Apixaban.

Using copywriting for your business means getting more qualified leads

Converting is good, but converting prospects who are actually attracted by what you’re selling is better! Qualified leads are consumers and potential customers, really interested in your product. You then use copywriting to naturally select prospects and increase customer loyalty. Indeed, your goal is not to please everyone, in which case, you may not please anyone. Determine your marketing persona (target audience), in order to adapt your vocabulary and your mode of communication. You must succeed in seducing with striking and targeted phrases. A favorable asset for the development of your company!

Boost sales to generate more revenue with a content marketing strategy

The ultimate goal in using copywriting for your business is to give your sales a boost! Properly applied, based on the basic needs of your persona, you will allay their fears about buying the product or service, so that they take action. The most important thing? Put yourself in the customer’s shoes as much as possible to be sure to answer all their questions as well as possible. As a result, your copywriting will make them want to buy, reserve or download your product, thus actively contributing to the growth of your business!

« The secret of success, if it exists, is the ability to put oneself in the place of the other and to consider things from his point of view as much as ours. » – Dale Carnegie, bestselling writer, author and copywriter.

Handling the art of incentive writing also means investing in your brand image

To successfully capture your prospect’s attention, give them a reason to care about your brand, rather than someone else’s. Use writings based on design-writing techniques to impose your universe, your style and your values! Indeed, today supply greatly exceeds demand. It is therefore more difficult to choose. This is why outbound marketing (method requiring the prospect to advertise or canvass to generate sales) is no longer enough. Our world has evolved and with it, our way of consuming…

Mastering the design-writing to make your business work is then formidable to support your brand image, as well as to engrave in marble the identity of your company! In this sense, the AIDA formula (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) is at the center of this approach. It lays the foundations of the road for aleatory take to convert him into a customer.

This path must be subtly traced for the magic formula to reveal its power to erase your persona’s fears and engage them to take action! By the way, did you know that personalized Calls to Action (CTAs) cause 202% more conversions than classic “learn more” or “read more” classics? That’s what we learn from this HubSpot article.

Effective copywriting: examples of impactful messages?

Starting with a sales technique supported by copywriting means choosing upstream the emotion that you will seek to arouse in your audience. For some, humor is the key to conversion, as in this example from the Buzz man agency, concerning the promotion of the Citroën Ami in 2021:

Yes, it looks like a toaster. That’s why you can buy it at Darty.”

This hilarious advertising slogan provoked a flood of reactions stemming from a remarkable marketing success. Sometimes, turning the truth into self-mockery is very entertaining, and therefore impactful!

In another equally compelling style, Nike stands out with a specific lens. He seeks to convey motivating and inspiring messages to his audience, such as an advertising campaign highlighting a man running in New York:

Most of the heroes are anonymous.”

The sports brand conveys values around the effort to be produced to succeed in any discipline, as much as in life. Moreover, its name is inspired by the goddess Athena Nike, embodying victory in Greek mythology. Thus, you see that according to your deepest aspirations, you can find your own way to shock the spirits, because there are thousands of them!

Social Media Verification Service

The Nike brand logo is inspired by the wings of the goddess Athena Nike, a victorious symbol. | Credit: Apixaban

Communication media that are just waiting to use the power of words

When you have the soul of a good copywriter, your creativity can be exercised on many media. To use this art of writing to sell in your content marketing strategy, you can copywriter:

  • catchy article titles that encourage clicking;
  • your slogan;
  • the texts under your posts on social networks
  • your flyers, brochures, business cards;
  • a terribly convincing sales page;
  • high-performance product sheets for your e-commerce site;
  • newsletters that take the reader through a virtuous sales funnel;
  • the opt-in (contact form) of your online site with a personalized CTA to retrieve email addresses, etc.

As you can see, persuasive writing can be applied when you are looking to boost the visibility of your company online, or not!

Social Media Verification Service

Luck is an attitude” is the first campaign born from the meeting between Fred & Farid Group and Martini. A provocative marketing stunt assumed! | Credit: Apixaban

Train in copywriting to become a serial salesman!

Convinced of the importance of an attractive feather to attract your marketing persona and accelerate the growth of your company? So, you will have to find a professional who can use copywriting for your business! In addition, if you do not want to hire a copywriter, you can train yourself to master copywriting. This investment may only make your professional activity more attractive, and therefore, more profitable! One last piece of advice? Whatever you decide, try to get closer to ethical copywriting. Do not try to generate negative emotions in your prospects, and presto, voila!

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