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Facing obstacles to adopting the ACS reference style format? The full form of ACS is the American Chemical Society reference style. The American Chemical Society developed it, and students use it in their academic assignments worldwide. Get assignment help for better knowledge about it.

The citation and reference lists are used as a formal references to a published or unpublished source. ACS citation uses both numbered and author-date systems:

While in-text citations, you have to use italic numbers in brackets or superscript numbers like in oxford style. And, if you need to use more than one reference at a time, include reference numbers in increasing order separated by commas. You can even use the author-date system. Then write the surname and year of publication in brackets.

In making the reference list at the end of the paper, refer to the sources in numerical order if cited by number or alphabetical order if cited by the author-date. Write the initials of the authors’ given names. Use full stops and spaces between the initials. The last name comes Assignment Expert first.

Here’re some examples:

While citing a book, the format would be-

The name of the author. Book’s title; Publisher: Publishing place, year of publishing; Page no

While citing a chapter in an edited book, the format would be-

Author of Part, A. A.; Author of Part, B. B. Title of Chapter or Part. In Title: Subtitle of Book, Edition (if not the first); Editor, A. A., Editor, B. B., Eds.; Publisher: Place of publication, year; pp. Page numbers.

The standard format for citing an e-book-

Author, A. A.; Author, B. B. Title of E-book [Online]; Series (if applicable); Publisher: Place, Year; Volume, Page(s). Internet address (accessed Month Day, Year).

Citing a journal-

Author’s name. Article’s title. Journal Abbreviation Year, Volume, Page no

Citing a patent-

Patent Owner’s name. Title of Patent. Patent Number, Date.

Citing a conference paper from the internet-

Author of Paper A. A.; Author of Paper, B. B. Title of Paper. In Title of Published Proceedings: Proceedings of the Title of Conference: Subtitle of Conference, Location, Abbreviated Month Date, Year; Editor, A. A., Editor B, B., Eds.; Publisher: Place of Publication, Year; pp inclusive page numbers. Database Name (if appropriate). Internet address (accessed Abbreviated Month Date, Year).

The format to cite a podcast-

Artist A. A.; Artist B. B. Title of Episode [Format]. Title of Programme: Subtitle, Date of recording, year. Publisher: Place of recording, year. Internet address (accessed Date, Year).

ACS style does not allow for the use of secondary sources. So, you need to find out the primary source of information cited in a work that you have read. If you can’t find the original source, you should not be citing it.

So, either you can do this formatting manually, or you can use an ACS Citation Machine. These machines can be beneficial for the students to provide accurate results at much lesser time. But before you start using any device, you must find the best citation machine for your assignment.

Qualities you must verify before picking an ACS Citation Generator: 

The ACS citation maker must be of the updated versions of the Citation styles.

  • To create a proper citation list, provide all the information in the database.
  • You must look out for the limitations to avoid any inconvenience in the assignment, like highlighting or capitalizing.
  • You can use multiple citation generators to get an error-free complete result.
  • Verify the result based on the guidelines of your university.
  • Keep these essential points in mind to compose an error-free chemistry assignment.

Author Bio: 

Anne Gill is a professor at a reputed university in London. She is a part of as one of the best assignment experts who provide ACS citation writing helps to students.

Summary: This article gives a comprehensive discussion about ACS referencing style. You can learn about different formats to cite various sources and learn about the ACS citation machine to write a perfect citation and reference list.

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