Citrine Stone is a yellow quartz stone that has curled over the years. It is part of the quartz family of crystals, including clean quartz, rose quartz, and smoky quartz.

Once popular with traditional Hollywood stars such as Greta Garb and Joan Crawford, citrine has long been a popular choice and is still in demand today. Find out if you want such a sparkling gemstone in your ring collection!

What is Citrine?

Citrine Stone is a pale yellow to reddish orange color that is a member of the crystal her quartz own relatives circle. Quartz is a difficult crystalline mineral composed of oxygen and silicon atoms. All these atoms are connected together by very special probes.

After feldspar, quartz is her second largest mineral found in the Earth’s continental crust. It comes in several unique color spectrums, but citrus-like colors fall into the “citrine” category.

Earth tones, like citrine, have become popular in fashion in recent years. The word ‘citrine’ means ‘lemon’ in many unique languages, a perfect match for this citrus-colored gemstone.

What does the citrine crystal mean?

Citrine evokes images of warmth, the sun and enlightenment with its thermal color. As a result, the stone has long been a symbol of romance, positivity and good luck.

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These days, the citrus-colored gemstone, perhaps so important because of its name, has become a symbol of vitality, freshness, and new beginnings. I’m here. , intellectual readability, and emotional well-being.

What are the benefits of citrine?

Citrine is a great addition to jewelry as its stunning pops of color and rich earth tones complement your best outfits. 

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Apart from purely aesthetic purposes, Citrine is thought to contain the beautiful power of the Sun, as it is exactly the hue of the Sun. This makes it a wonderful crystal with many resting places for all emotional and physical ailments. Throughout history, citrine has been recognized as the ‘merchant’s stone’. Because many believe that money appeals to them. In Feng Shui, Citrine is the stone of true wealth and good luck.

What are the healing properties of citrine?

In emotional experience, this stone is said to help the wearer’s self-esteem. Citrine is also known to bring a more beautiful and colorful touch of power inside and outside the frame.

In physical experience
, Citrine’s resting place consists of improved digestion and increased stamina.

Historically, healers used these stones to cleanse the body of toxins, improve blood flow, and strengthen the immune system. Basically, think of citrine as a gem-shaped herbal heat source can do. This stone was widely used as a means of warding off disease and protecting against poisonous snakes.

Which chakras is Citrine good for?

Overall, Citrine is believed to help clear the chakras and open the home window of intuition, providing an additional experience of awakening and a religious connection to oneself.
This is the idea of ​​making you smarter and more careful.

More specifically, in addition to the solar plexus chakra, citrine is also associated with the sacral chakra. The former is important for creativity and manifestation. The sensitive sacral chakra is important for arousing one’s abilities and innovative imagination.

Many believe that the stone’s power immediately flows from the sacral chakra into the wearer’s body and spreads to the solar plexus, strengthening willpower.

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Citrine encourages us to face our destinies and contemplate all that is yet to come, rather than being trapped in the afterlife and searching for everything in our past.

What is Citrine worth?

Citrine’s charge varies from carat to carat due to the use of different gemstones. Citrine’s true value is also determined by several factors, such as whether it is pure vegetable or heat treated. Broad ballparks along the carat range from $10 to $30.

Citrine gemstones are reduced to maximize their brilliance and achieve better shading. It also removes imperfections and inclusions from the stone. Brazilian citrine tends to be more expensive because it has an incredibly popular deep red-orange hue.

Why is citrine so expensive?

Commercial citrine is especially affordable because the gemstone is likely amethyst or quartz that has been heat treated. However, when it comes to plant citrine, the price of citrine can increase significantly. This is because plant citrine is surprisingly rare to find.

Who can wear Citrine?

Wearing Citrine is something everyone can do, but highly recommended for those who are physically and mentally busy.

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