Relevance of PMI-ACP Certification in 2022

As more organizations adopt Agile practices, the relevance of ACP Certification grows. There are several Agile certifications available, but the PMI’s Agile Certified Practitioner certification has gained popularity in recent years. 

The PMI – Agile Certified Practitioner certification is unique as it covers a wide range of Agile methods. It teaches you many Agile skills, tools, and techniques for planning, executing, and effectively completing projects in an Agile manner.

PMI-ACP prerequisites

Because the Agile Certified Practitioner certification is intended for professionals, PMI has established eligibility requirements that must be met. If you meet the prerequisites, you can sit for the PMI-ACP exam. These certification requirements are designed to ensure that you have the necessary experience, knowledge, and skills to become a PMI-ACP certified professional.

The following are the PMI-ACP certification exam prerequisites:

1. Agile training for 21 hours

This training must include the PMI-ACP exam content listed on the PMI website.

2. Diploma or university degree

If you have something equivalent to it, PMI may accept it as well.

3. General project knowledge

If you only have a high school diploma, you must have at least 12 months of general project management experience. This must have happened within the last five years. If you have a degree or the PMI-PMP certification, you are exempted from the 12-month experience requirement.

What should you look for in PMI-ACP Certification training?

When selecting an Agile Certified Practitioner training center, many factors must be considered to know the relevance of ACP Certification. For example, the trainer’s qualifications and experience are important factors to consider. The best trainer would not only be an excellent Agile trainer but would also have practical Agile project experience. It would be even better if this person was a regular PMI-ACP trainer.

It is because regular trainers would have sufficiently improved their training material over time. They will be able to provide numerous examples and scenarios to assist you in better understanding Agile concepts. As a result, an experienced PMI-ACP trainer is required.

The PMI-ACP certification training provider must have received a lot of positive feedback from previous students. On the training provider’s website, you can read reviews from previous students. Check out the student’s success stories on Eduhubspot:

The feedback from previous students demonstrates the high quality of the training they received. We believe that past student reviews are the most important factor in determining the value of training and they will also describe the relevance of ACP Certification. So, read what others have said about the PMI-ACP training they received to get a sense of its true value.

Another important consideration when selecting PMI-ACP training is its expansion

Mock exams and practice questions are required as part of good Agile Certified Practitioner training. This type of training will also provide you with useful materials to help you understand the topics being taught. For example, you should anticipate receiving a cheat sheet, mind maps, exam tips and tricks, and additional material.

Renewal of the PMI-ACP

After earning the Agile Certified Professional certification, you must renew it every three years. Over three years, PMI-ACP credential holders must complete 30 Professional Development Units (PDUs). PMI PDUs are hours spent working, learning, teaching, creating, reading, or volunteering in project or Agile project management.

What Are the Benefits of the PMI ACP Certification?

The PMI ACP certification is provided by the Project Management Institute. The certification course will teach you the fundamentals of project management. The primary benefit of the PMI ACP certification is increased efficiency.

You will improve your efficiency to the point where you can complete projects on time. You will also manage projects and ensure on-time delivery.

Apart from that, there are additional benefits. Here are some of the reasons why you should pursue PMI ACP certification.

1. Make yourself unique

The PMI ACP certification will give you an advantage over your competitors. It will demonstrate your abilities to the employer. As a result, you will be selected ahead of other candidates. You must, however, learn all of the agile principles.

Many organizations require agile project managers. You will be able to find work wherever you go. As a result, the PMI ACP certification is advantageous for those seeking to study abroad.

2. Agile professionals are in high demand

The changing market conditions benefit agile professionals. Because most businesses are implementing agile practices, there is a growing demand for agile practitioners. A certification will help you because most companies require agile skills.

You will be able to find work anywhere. Your abilities will improve, and you will be able to plan business projects.

Most importantly, you will increase project cost-effectiveness and reduce project costs.

3. A strong portfolio

Having a PMI ACP certification will benefit you during job interviews. Your resume will inform your employer about your abilities.

There are numerous companies for which you can apply. From pharmaceuticals to information technology, every company will require your services. You can even apply for the position of agile master.

As an agile master, you will oversee and modify agile projects.

4. Enhancement of abilities

The PMI ACP certification will help you improve your skills. It will assist you in learning the most recent project management techniques. Market conditions change frequently, and you must keep your skills up to date.

In essence, you must learn to adapt to changing conditions. It will assist you in finishing projects on time. You will beat your competitors. As a result, obtaining the PMI ACP certification will assist you in learning the most recent management methods.

5. Obtain verification

A PMI ACP certification will make your skills more marketable. It will provide you with validation so that you can join any company. Organizations prefer individuals with a PMI ACP certification because they can rely on their abilities.

During business projects, you will have a voice in important decisions. It will also help you advance in your career. However, keep in mind that earning credit requires hard work.


PMI-ACP is one of the PMI’s newest but most comprehensive and in-demand certifications. Rather than focusing on a single method, PMI-ACP provides a comprehensive study of the entire Agile Methodology. This makes it a popular and in-demand career choice with numerous job opportunities. You should definitely try this career option and enroll yourself for the PMI ACP bootcamp on Eduhubspot for enhancing your knowledge.

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