Dothan, Alabama is a great city located in the southeast part of the state. It has a lot to offer visitors, but you may not know what you are missing out on if you have never been there before. In order to help people maximize their time in Dothan, I have written out some tips for what to do and see while visiting this great city. Want to book flights check out round trip flights for great offers and deals.

Dothan Alabama is a great place for nature lovers!

Dothan is an excellent place for nature lovers! There are several state parks and preserves nearby, including the Red Hills Museum State Park, Black Creek Wildlife Management Area, and Wiregrass Bend State Park. If you enjoy hiking, the Yellow River Trail and Wiregrass Trail are both good options for you. Nature isn’t all about hiking though! There are also several wildlife refuges in Dothan like the Southeast Alabama Birding Trail which allows visitors to take guided birdwatching tours around Alabama’s Wiregrass Region as well as provide information about local flora and fauna during every visit.

Additionally there are two major lakes in Dothan: Weiss Lake which has been a popular fishing spot since it was created by the US Army Corps of Engineers in 1942 (it used to be known as Dog River until then).

Dothan Alabama has a great art scene!

Dothan Alabama has a great art scene.

Dothan has a thriving art scene, with several galleries and artists to choose from, as well as events such as First Friday and the Dothan Art Walk. The Wiregrass Museum of Art was established in 1986 and houses over 2,000 pieces of artwork in its permanent collection. Other galleries include Ashley Fine Art Gallery; Grogan’s Mill Gallery; Thirty-One South Gallery; Four Points Artspace; Five Points Gallery; Grogan’s Mill Gallery + Studios; Wright Gallery + Studio.

Dothan, Alabama is a city of museums!

Dothan, Alabama is a city of museums! Dothan has a museum for everything: the arts, history, science—you name it! The city has seven different museums for you to explore and learn about. If you are an aspiring artist or historian, a visit to Dothan should be on your bucket list.

Dothan, Alabama is a city of history!

Dothan, Alabama is a city of history! Located in the Wiregrass region of southeast Alabama, it was once known as the “Peanut Capital of the World.” In addition to being home to the world’s largest peanut festival, Dothan also has an abundance of things to do that are sure to interest your family or group.

Here are some fun facts about this area:

  • It was voted one of America’s best cities by Travel & Leisure magazine. This southeastern city has maintained its small-town charm while growing into an economic powerhouse and cultural center for north Alabama and southwest Georgia.
  • The area was once home to Native American tribes whose descendants still live here today. The Creek Indians were known as one of many local tribes that lived along the Chattahoochee River before white settlers arrived at Dothan’s site in 1827; later on, European Americans would settle there too during their own migration westward toward what became known as “the Old South” during America’s Civil War era (the 1860s).

When you visit Dothan you will have plenty to do!

Dothan is known as the “Heart of Alabama”, and for good reason. The city’s central location makes it easy to explore all the best parts of south Alabama and southwest Georgia. The area is home to four national parks, including Fort Rucker (the United States Army Aviation Center), Gulf State Park, Eglin Air Force Base, and Apalachicola National Forest.

Dothan has plenty of attractions for families with children—like Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum, which houses oddities like a two-headed snake and a giant ball of twine! If you’re looking for something more educational than oddities, check out some museums: The Dothan Area Historical Museum features exhibits on local history; you can also visit the Civil Rights Memorial dedicated to those who were killed while fighting for equal rights during the Civil Rights Movement in America.”


So there you have it, a list of fun things to do in Dothan, Alabama. We hope this will help you plan your next visit to our great city! Want to rent a car check out the best car rental deals for great offers and deals.

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