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If you want to see some of the most amazing sights in the world, you should consider going on a Nepal Helicopter Tours. There are a variety of options available. Some tours are more expensive than others, but they are worth the price.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was recently selected as the site of the 2016 Summer Olympics. Known for its modern and historic architecture, Rio is also home to more than 50 museums and the famous Carnaval festival. It is the first South American city to host the Summer Olympics and the first Portuguese-speaking city to do so.


Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe is a spectacular waterfall in western Africa. It is the gateway to the Zambezi River, which plummets over a cliff into the Boiling Pot and a series of gorges. The Victoria Falls Bridge spans the Zambezi River, which is surrounded by a magnificent national park that is home to elephants and white rhinos.

The Victoria Falls are a natural wonder of the world, but the region surrounding them has much more to offer tourists. There are many activities to enjoy in the area, including canoeing safaris, boat cruises, and sundowner cruises. The area is also home to a variety of wildlife, including the famous lion, giraffe, and elephant.

The Zambezi River serves as the border between the two countries, and is a popular destination for outdoor activities. A visit to the falls is also an opportunity to go bungee jumping, white water rafting, and swimming in the Devil’s Pool. There are also several footpaths that provide breathtaking views of Victoria Falls. Rainfall can be a factor in the area, so visitors should bring a raincoat and an umbrella.


Helicopter tours of New York City provide you with a unique view of the city’s most famous attractions. Tours of Manhattan include stops at some of the most famous New York attractions, including the Statue of Liberty. The tour also provides a unique perspective of the city’s skyline.

The tours start at about $209 per person and depart from the Downtown Manhattan Heliport. They are available Monday through Saturday between 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on weekdays and between nine in the morning and six in the evening on weekends. You can choose from the Big City Helicopter Tour and the Grand Island Helicopter Tour.

A sightseeing tour of New York City takes about 15 minutes and takes in key landmarks. Highlights of this tour include the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the NYPL, and the Brooklyn Bridge. In addition, you can also take in a pre-recorded narration to learn more about the city and its history.

If you are traveling with children, you may want to opt for a tour that includes a scenic flight over the city. You can see the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge, and Ellis Island from above! It’s an unforgettable experience!


Helicopter tours of the Great Barrier Reef offer a unique perspective of the area. From the air, you can see tropical islands and the rainforest coastline. You can even land in a private pontoon to swim in the lagoon below.


If you are looking for a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, you have several options. Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters was founded in 1965 and currently flies over half a million people each year. They offer daylong excursions, as well as Grand Canyon and Las Vegas sightseeing tours.


When it comes to luxurious island retreats, nothing beats Time + Tide Miavana. The resort boasts its own fleet of state-of-the-art Robinson R66 helicopters. Each of these aircraft are airconditioned and sport a sleek design. In the cabin, passengers are pampered with noise-canceling headphones.


One of the best ways to experience French Polynesia is with helicopter tours. You can choose from several different routes. These flights offer breathtaking views of the island, which are not possible by ground transportation. In addition, you will be treated to the feeling of flying over an endless lagoon.

You’ll enjoy a bird’s eye view of the lagoon, beaches, and resorts from above. You’ll also get a unique perspective of Mt. Otemanu and neighboring atolls like Tupai. These tours can be private and you can choose your date and number of passengers. Most tours last fifteen minutes, but you can request shorter or longer flights, depending on your needs.


If you want to see glaciers from the air, a helicopter tour of Franz Josef Glacier or Fox Glacier is an amazing experience. From 6000 feet, you can fly over the glaciers and then land on snow, for incredible views and photo opportunities. In addition, your guide will share interesting commentary about the history and nature of the area, including how ice-flows form.

Both Fox Glacier and Franz Josef Glacier are located within the World Heritage Area. Getting to the terminal faces of both glaciers is relatively easy. There are even guided glacier walks and heli hikes available if you’d like to get closer to the glaciers.

Helicopter tours are also a great way to view glaciers and the surrounding area without the need to hike. However, helicopters can be noisy, with as many as one per minute during the peak season. If you want to get the best views, you’ll want to arrive early. Aside from the amazing vistas, the early flight will allow you to experience the glacier in peace.


Taking a helicopter tour is an excellent way to see Santorini Island and the surrounding Greek islands from a new perspective. With this type of tour, you will have a birds-eye view of the beautiful white-washed villages that surround the island. It is also a great way to take some great photos. You can take a helicopter tour from nine in the morning until sunset.


One of Kauai’s best ways to see the island is from the air, and one of the most exciting ways to do this is by helicopter. Whether you’re interested in luxury tours or a doors-off experience, there’s a helicopter tour to fit your needs. Many locals recommend the original Kauai helicopter tour operator, which has been in business for 45 years. The company has won local awards and has even been voted the best helicopter tour in Kauai in 2021.

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