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The United States has more than 455,000 consumer service businesses. Their combined annual revenue was over $300 billion in 2015. What companies work in the consumer service industry?

The consumer service industry includes certain aspects, such as leisure and hotel, retail, wholesale, education and health, social, and other services.

What companies are in the consumer services field? Consumer services is extremely diverse and extensive. It includes businesses in media, finance, retail, food distribution and healthcare. Because these businesses interact with customers frequently, some of the most well-known are in consumer services.

Who are the Consumer Services Companies?

You should research potential employers if you are interested in working in consumer services. These are the top consumer service brands.

1. Amazon:

Employees: 1,608,000

Seattle, Washington, Headquarters

Amazon, a multinational corporation, diversifies into AI, cloud computing and eCommerce. Its business model serves millions of customers around the world. There are always customer support jobs.

Amazon customer service offers a wide range of services that can be beneficial to customers. Prime members can enjoy a 30-day free trial to view TV shows and movies without any additional charges. Amazon customers can also order fresh groceries.

2. Costco Wholesale:

288,000 employees

Headquarters: Issaquah (Washington)

Costco is a worldwide retail company that offers many services, including photo printing, prescription drugs and optometry. Costco offers bulk buying options at low costs in return for paying membership fees. Over 800 warehouses are located in Canada, Spain and Korea. There is high demand for customer service workers because they offer customer service around the world.

3. Airbnb:

6132 employees

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Airbnb has revolutionized customer service. Airbnb allows individuals to rent rooms to tourists and travelers looking to stay in a place. Multiple legal problems with hotels have allowed the businessflas to become a billion-dollar company. Airbnb is used by millions worldwide. This has led to multiple roles in customer service, from hosting services managers to social media managers.

4. Apple Inc.

Employees: 154,000

Headquarters: California

You might be wondering: What companies are in the Consumer Services industry? The Apple Inc is a company that you should think about. Apple Inc is a consumer service brand that has many products and services, including phones, computers and tablets, headphones and other gadgets.

Apple Inc. has one of the greatest advantages: service and support can be connected from home.

5. HelloFresh:

Employees: 5000

Headquarters: Germany

HelloFresh delivers meal kits to customers in multiple countries, Financing for Affordable Housing including Australia, Western Europe and Canada. The brand’s mission aims to provide customers with fresh ingredients, meal plans and recipes that allow them to prepare simple, healthy meals for their loved ones.

HellpFresh employees can be found in many sectors, including supply chain management, communications and enhotgineering as well as customer support.

6. Pfizer:

10,000 employees

Headquarters: New York

The pharmaceutical brand works with healthcare providers and government agencies worldwide to offer healthcare access. When you ask the question “What Companies are in the Consumer Services Field?” Pfizer has specialists who help to develop, deliver, and support healthcare options for customers.

Remote employees can work in customer service fields or other positions.

7. Herc rentals:

Employees: 5,000

Headquarters: Florida

Herc Rentals, a global brand that has over 265 branches in multiple countries, offers safe and reliable equipment. Customers can also rent equipment such as concrete mixers, trucks, trailers and masonry tools. Herc Rentals is ideal for those who are interested in working in IT, sales and management as well as repair services.

8. Thumbtack:

Employees: 1000

Headquarters: California

Thumbtack is another brand on our list of “What Companies Are In The Consumer Services Field?” Thumbtack makes it easy for homeowners to find professionals for everything from minor repairs to full-scale remodeling. Users can also get instructions from the brand on how to maintain their own homes. To help customers and professionals alike, the business offers multiple opportunities in account management and customer support.

9. Air Canada

Number of employees: 10,000

Headquarters: Canada

Trans-Canada Airlines was established in 1937. In 1965, PM Jean Chretien introduced a bill to change Trans-Canada Air Lines’ name to Air Canada. It is Canada’s largest airline by passenger service and size. There are many job opportunities in the customer service field, with Montreal being the headquarters.

10. Talkdesk:

Employees: 5,000

Headquarters: California

Talkdesk is next on our list of “What Companies Are In The Consumer Services Field”. A cloud connecting centre that assists businesses in improving their customer service services. Talkdesk was able to help more than 1800 companies improve customer service ratings, increase productivity and integrate apps with great call interactions.

Talkdesk is an innovative, culture-based workplace that fosters creativity and innovation. There are many IT jobs available in this sector, in different locations around the world.

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