NOC Technician job Role and Responsibilities:

noc technician

If a company has an Internet problem, you can contact the Network Operations Center (NOC), where the NOC team can help diagnose and solve the problem. In addition, the NOC specialist is responsible for the preventive maintenance of various network applications.

These specialists specialize in computer knowledge, troubleshooting, and daily troubleshooting.

Duties and responsibilities of NOC employees:

NOC Technicians work in many teams. Specific tasks and responsibilities may vary, but the work involves many essential tasks, including:

Solve network problems:

The NOC team is responsible for monitoring the network's infrastructure to ensure the adequacy of pilots, firefighters, firefighters, and communications. They help customers solve network problems, diagnose network and server problems, and then correct the problem. They also answer customers' questions about web design & services.

Provides maintenance restrictions for network equipment:

The NOC specialist is responsible for managing the various online applications. They teach and replace changes for pilots, configure new servers, test and develop software and software updates to ensure the network is working correctly due to bugs/latency.

Program Terms:

NOC experts send information about network problems to network operators and ensure they find customers on network equipment. In addition, they continue to deal with technical issues, assisting mobile operators and reviewing improvements made to each customer.

Record call results in this project:

NOC experts record all calls and handwritten notes during each call. They follow up on decisions, inform customers about ongoing issues, and use a ticket system to improve the information and progress of all calls.

Engineering Management at NOC:

A positive outlook and immediate response is a good characteristic for all those who work at NOC. Of course, NOC engineers need particular configurations to operate, such as:

• Company knowledge, design, infrastructure planning, and business impact of events and brands

• Expert in management tools, ITSM tools, backup, and DR devices

• Knowledge of topics and business processes

• Know what happened, its diagnostic tools and methods

• Research skills

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