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Least Visited Country In The World


Even if we're not at war with anyone right now, it's still a good idea to play it safe. The least visited country in the world is also one of the smallest and most remote island states. Imagine a place where you will see no other tourists for miles on end. Nauru might be your last chance to experience true peace and quiet before you return to the busy, loud and chaotic modern world.

Nauru has the distinction of being the least-visited country in the world. That won't stop you from exploring it, though. After all, Nauru is home to some of the most stunning beaches in the world: the whole south cove of the island is one long, blue streak of sugary sand.


The islands of Tuvalu: friendliest people, endless warm turquoise waters, pristine white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees and a friendly atmosphere. This small island is nestled in the Pacific, halfway between Australia and Hawaii. Join us on a virtual visit as we show you what it's like to be on the last stop before heading to a new world!

The country named "Tuvalu" is in the South Pacific Ocean and it is about 1,400 miles away from the nearest populated land. It has a population of roughly 10,640 people counting 5,784 men and 4,864 women.

Equatorial Guinea

The vast majority of travellers haven't seen Equatorial Guinea. Is there a good reason for this? Probably not, given that it can offer a wide range of experiences that are rare elsewhere in Africa or the world. Bearing this in mind, we've put together a top 10 attractions list to make it easier for you to plan your trip: 

Fresh off a spot in the top five most visited countries in Africa, Equatorial Guinea was not only the least visited country but also one of the least visited countries in the world. A tiny coastal nation with just over 1 million inhabitants, EqGui is notable for tourism despite not having strong international ties. However, this has helped preserve its culture and people which are some of the friendliest, yet most quiet you will find anywhere for a destination.


If you are looking for a beach holiday, but have not considered Kiribati you should check it out. To date this is the least visited country in the world with just over 97,000 visits in 2011. This equates to 11% of its population. If you are looking for an adventure, in a beautiful setting then this fabulous island nation is worth checking out! 

You may think of a beach vacation when you think about Kiribati, but the country has more to offer than just its sandy beaches. Kiribati is located in the central Pacific Ocean and is considered one of the least visited countries in the world. There are many reasons to visit this peaceful country, including beautiful turquoise water, rugged coastlines, and lush tropical forests.


 The country of Turkmenistan, located in Central Asia, is a beautiful country that is often overlooked by many tourists. A desert country full of sandy sun baked dunes, Turkmenistan also has monasteries and mosques that are as old as 1000 years, but with current day technology. Turkmenistan is great for travelers who like the never ending desert landscapes and want to take pictures of hot air balloons stuck in sand dunes.

It would take a brave traveler to want to visit the place called Turkmenistan. It's between Iran and Afghanistan and borders the Caspian Sea. It's the seventh-largest country in Central Asia. Most people couldn't find it on a map. The capital city is Ashgabat (AHsh-gah-baht). The largest city is its port, Turkmenbashi (Toor-kuhm-NEEbah-shih) (the name means "head of all Turkmens").

Sao Tomé and Principe

The least visited country in the world of the Western Hemisphere, Sao Tomé and Principe is a hidden paradise and unlike any other you've ever imagined. These two islands will show you how life and nature used to be before tourism took off, surprising you with their natural wonders at every turn.

What do we mean when we say that Sao Tomé is the least visited country in the world? This unusual island nation is located just off of the equator in Africa and has only been able to receive visitors since 1975. While many other countries have tried to develop this destination into a tropical paradise, not much infrastructure or tourism exists there yet - thus leading it to being named one of the least visited countries in the world.


Yes, Liberia is really quite beautiful. It's lush, green, tropical and hot. Be sure to visit during the dry season; you'll thank me. If you do choose the the rainy season (you jerk) know that the rains fall mostly at night. Bring a pair of rubber boots or galoshes to wear in case it rains and for fording rivers.

Liberia is by far the least visited country in the world. It has no sandy white beaches, spectacular mountain ranges, or snowy slopes to draw you in. But it does have warm and welcoming people -- and in recent years, an improving security situation.

Liberia is the third poorest country on earth, and one of the most forgotten. It has suffered deeply from war and disease, but is also home to some unique attractions. Climbers come to challenge its peaks, divers explore its waters, while beach lovers seek out its treasures. 


Tonga is a country of Huka Falls and pristine tropical islands, set against a cosmopolitan backdrop in the Pacific Ocean. People-watch from a hot spring, zip down waterfalls and have an experience you'll only find here. Or dream away on deserted atolls - where the seafloor meets the sky in deep turquoise hues. Let us welcome you to the magical Kingdom of Tonga.

Tonga is the least visited country in the world but this paradise has earned its reputation as one of most beautiful. The flight to Tonga doesn't take long, and after you get used to the time change (Tonga is a mere 4 hours ahead of New York), you'll discover that Tonga has much more to offer than its impressive beaches (those black-sand beaches are picture-perfect). Its tourist-friendly cities like Nuku'alofa and Vava'u are cheerful places with some really charming hotels that offer guests unusual activities, like scuba diving in a freshwater pool or boat trips around the world.

East Timor

Your passport to East Timor, one of the world's last undiscovered countries, is right around the corner. Live in a truly unique part of the world and experience a culture unlike any other with a trip to East Timor, included on our top 10 Least Visited Countries list.

When it comes to discovering the hidden gems of this world, East Timor is not only our most remote destination ,it's also one of the least visited countries in Asia! The newest country in Southeast Asia is also one of the planet's youngest: East Timor gained it's independence in 2002 after almost 30 years as a UN protectorate. A fascinating mix of Asian and Portuguese culture, East Timor is a fascinating place to visit.


The small European country of Liechtenstein is one of the world's least-visited countries, with a population of just 35,000. It boasts stunning Alpine scenery and charming medieval towns, with the capital city Vaduz boasting magnificent views that could be mistaken for the Alps. With a history dating back to the Roman era, it was occupied by both the French army during its occupation under Napoleon Bonaparte and by Russia in both World Wars. Yet today it graces the front cover of tourist brochures as a sought-after travel destination.

Picture this – walking down a cobblestone street in a medieval town. The air is fresh and crisp... You look to the side and spot a sign on an old merchant's house dating back to the 1500s. Night has fallen, but the restaurants are full. Around you, families make fresh pasta while kids say goodbye to friends as they go off to school in the morning. You get ice cream from an old man who makes it with milk and cream from his cows, who wander by occasionally. This is life in Liechtenstein, one of Europe's last unspoiled countries.

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